Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Far Cry new Dawn - First Impressions

I recently managed to get Far Cry New Dawn for the PC today through a sale on the Humble store.  In short, I haven't laughed that hard in quite a while.  Oh, wait!  It's not a laugh of derision, rather I had some real FUN.

See, I have this friend who plays a LOT of games, and we really enjoy multiplayer and cooperative games together.  For the last few months all that was available were the "battle royale" style arena games, which I detest, so we haven't been playing together so much.  Since the game was on sale and my friend liked Far Cry 5, we decided to purchase it and I am very glad I did.

New Dawn is set something like 16 years after the end of Far Cry 5 and after a nuclear war, so start thinking along the lines of the Fallout series... kind of.  People of the area where the game is set are trying to start over with not much in the way of resources.  before they know it this "road warrior" style gang starts to bully and kill the inhabitants and take everything for themselves.  As the protagonists you are to help people, defeat the gang and are free to roam the game map as you like, really.  Anyway that's the premise in a nutshell.  What follows is my breakdown of the game's strengths and weaknesses.

Graphics:  These are great and even on low settings they are quite immersive.  I feel that they are quite sufficient and if there are glitches/problems I didn't notice any.

Gunplay:  Since this game is, essentially, a shooter I found that combat felt really smooth and organic.  Some of the weapons are really over the top, but it's not a reality simulator, so enjoy the craziness.

Movement:  Once again I found the movement to be very smooth and organic with the typical controls available (run, crouch, etc.).

Tasks/Quests:  Well, they are in there and you can do them.  Lots of side things to do or you can just run around shooting and looting if that is what you like.

Vehicles:  Probably one of my favorite parts.  There is a good selection of land vehicles pretty much right off the bat from ATVs to Semi trucks.  All the ones I tried during my stream felt good driving in first person view.

Wild Life:  This was pretty hilarious.  With the exception of deer, so far anyway, everything else is hostile to humans.  We were attacked by wild boars, a bear, feral dogs, a skunk and several turkeys.  Yes, that's right, turkeys.  One of my favorite moments during the initial stream was yelling out "turkey!" to my friend as it rushed him.

Weaknesses:  Hard to find right now.  Everything felt great, but I didn't take the game very seriously and it felt to me that you shouldn't do so.  There are probably a ton of bugs that I didn't notice.

Odd Notes and Summary:  Lets see... Overall, I had a blast.  I would tell people on the fence about the game to take the premise and story with a pinch of salt and immerse yourself in the game.  Most of all just have fun.  Try silly things and don't take getting whacked too seriously.  If you are looking for a combat simulator and want to act like you are in the military, then this probably isn't the game for you.  If you are looking for some over the top action, then hell yeah, go pick it up.  The sale on Humble has 2 more days to go.

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